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Yamaha Clavinova CVP206

The Yamaha CVP206 boasts excellent Piano samples as used in Yamahas much acclaimed CLP series Pianos

There's also Sweet, Live, Cool, Natural and many more great voices - the Yamaha CVP206 digital piano offers a huge selection of over 800 voices.

Sweet - enjoy delicate nuances such as the vibrato

Live - stereo samples that encapsulate the acoustic instruments

Cool - reproduce the subtle shades of electric instruments

Natural - use huge amounts of memory to create faithful reproductions of original sounds

When you bring your CVP206 into your home, you bring so much more than an acoustic piano has to offer. Of course the CVP206 offers all the touch response and beautifully rich, detailed piano sound you want, plus a great deal more. There's a full orchestra of superb quality digitally sampled instruments, and a whole host of advanced auto accompaniment features. Whats more, you get all the convenience of a digital instrument: no need for costly tuning, greater portability, and you can use headphones, so you can play any time you like without disturbing the family or your neighbors.

If youre going to study theres no place like home

The CVP206 features a truly extensive learning support system including guide lamps over the keyboard. Right from day one, the children or even grandpa can learn by playing real music instead of practice pieces, making it fun and enjoyable to study. There's even a built in recorder so you can record your performance and see how you're getting on, and save it to floppy disk to build up a continuing progress report.

USB - Get connected for a Wider World of Music

This CVP206 has a USB connection so you can plug your Yamaha CVP206 into just about any personal computer.

Plug in to some singalong fun

Pop a karaoke floppy disk into the drive and youve got your own home karaoke center. Song lyrics are displayed on screen, so the entire family can get together for real singalong entertainment.

XG opens up even more music

XG is Yamahas revolutionary extension of the General MIDI format. Naturally, it contains all of the GM standard, so you have complete compatibility with commercially available GM software. And it goes a lot further, to include a huge set of additional voices - a minimum of three effects processors with many effects types - MIDI control of analog inputs allowing processing of, for example, microphone inputs to create vocal harmonies - extensive control of other parameters for real time sound shaping. Whats more, there's also a vast selection of XG song software available.


88-note graded hammer action keyboard

96 note polyphony

311 + 480 XG voices

16 drum kits,

210 styles and 120 preset songs

Back lit LCD

Music score facility and Kara-0-Key function

1524KB internal Flash ROM for style song registration

Dual and split modes

Reverb, chorus, DSP and digital EQ

Metronome - Bell on/Off, Human Voice

16-track sequencer

Music database - Music Finder

Registration memory

3 pedals

Microphone input and level control

General MIDI and XG

USB Port

Elegant cabinet design with sliding key cover

Headphone jack for silent practice

Mic Input , Video Out

40w x 2 stereo amplification (16 cm + 5 cm)x2

Weight 80 kgs

Dimensions 138.4 cm x 59.8 cm x 90 cm (54.5" x 23.5" x 35.5")

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The contents of this website may not be reproduced, republished or mirrored on another web page or website without written permission from Premier Organs.