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 Roland Vima RK300

Experience a new world of multimedia entertainment and musical enjoyment with the VIMA RK-300. Whether played as a solo piano or utilized as a complete audio-visual entertainment system, Roland VIMA RK-300 will transform any home into a party zone. VIMA's world can include a wide variety of external data and devices, such as audio CDs, MIDI files, iPods, USB memory keys, and more. Play, sing, listen, visualize - your VIMA experience can be simple or extravagant.

Full-featured multimedia instrument that combines music and visual content

Roland's finest 88-note stereo sampled grand piano onboard, plus hundreds of other top-quality sounds for complete backing-band enhancement

88-note PHA II (Progressive Hammer Action II) keyboard with Escapement

Complete karaoke features, including backing tracks, lyric display, vocal effects, auto-harmony, tempo/pitch change, and more

ANIME visual effects can be synced to music or controlled via D Beam

RK-300 can record your performance on the VIMA's keyboard, as well as any vocal microphone, E. Guitar or V-Drums that are connected, and the onboard CD drive allows you to burn audio CDs instantly

Grand Piano Onboard

The RK-300 features Roland's finest 88-note stereo sampled grand piano sound, offering incredible realism, detail and clarity. With the Piano Designer function, you can adjust the string resonance, change the degree of the virtual piano lid, and more. The 88-note PHA II progressive hammer-action keyboard provides authentic piano touch and response.

Play Along

The RK-300 can play audio data such as MP3 files from USB Flash Memory or audio CDs. You can change key and tempo, while the Center Cancel feature lets you minimize the melody part so you can play along. As you play, VIMA can supply a variety of interactive graphics in real time, such as DigiScore scrolling sheet music and Piano Roll displays. The unique ANIME effects can enhance your performances as well. Eight ANIME types are provided, including Petal, Musical Notes, Note Names, Snow Crystals, and more. It's an exciting performance experience, as if you are playing notes and graphics simultaneously.

Sing Along

Plug in a microphone and enjoy a fun-filled karaoke experience. The VIMA RK-300 is loaded with great sing-along songs, and you can add more from Roland's VIMA Tunes library or Standard MIDI Files with lyrics. The RK-300 can be operated via remote control, and can automatically add harmonies onto your voice, while performing with the RK-300's onboard songs/VIMA TUNES. In case a singer is singing along with audio data playback on RK-300, his/her voice can be harmonized as well, according to the real-time keyboard performance on RK-300.

Jam Along

The VIMA RK-300 is the perfect centerpiece for the entire band. Connections are provided for a variety of instruments and vocals, and all can be amplified through the RK-300's built-in speakers. Plug in a guitar, for example, and use the onboard guitar effects for a rock-star sound. VIMA even lets you record your performances and burn CDs with its onboard CD Drive right on the spot!


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The contents of this website may not be reproduced, republished or mirrored on another web page or website without written permission from Premier Organs.