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Roland AT45

Mid-range Atelier Spinet organ

185 high-quality organ and instrument sounds

100 music styles (most featuring “live-drums”), 800 One Touch programs

Intuitive color touchscreen with score/lyric display, plus V-LINK

A small selection of the available touch screens.....











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The contents on this website may not be reproduced, republished or mirrored on another web page or website without written permission from Premier Organs.

AT-45: Atelier Organ. For players who know how truly enjoyable an organ can be! Music Assistant. All new Music Assistant settings (250 titles). Fill-In function assigned to the right footswitch on all Music Assistant settings. All songs from Club Roland Introduction learning modules included. Songs from Hal Leonard EZ Play Today book included. A selection of songs from Book #200 The Best Songs Ever. A selection of songs from Book #57 More of the Best Songs Ever. Music Assistant search function by “Club Roland,” “EZ PLAY 200,” and “EZ PLAY 57”. You can find songs quickly with keyword search

Music Styles: New American Music Style content (100 new Music Styles). New “Advanced Chord Recognition” system

You can achieve a more natural musical feel by playing chords with the Advanced Chord Recognition system. 8-part accompaniment. The 8-part accompaniment (maximum) allows you to create gorgeous musical arrangements

Realistic Rhythms and Music Styles: The AT-45 puts a wide range of rhythms and musical genres at your fingertips. The built-in Music Styles incorporate actual drum and percussion phrases recorded by professional drummers, for the ultimate playing enjoyment with lively, exciting rhythms.

Versatile Style Orchestrator: The Style Orchestrator buttons provide four arrangement variations that let you instantly change the style of the automatic accompaniment, either to something more elaborate or more simple.

Rhythm Customize: The AT-45’s Rhythm Customize feature lets you edit the internal rhythm patterns using the LCD display. Adjust the drum pattern, voice, or timing to create your own original rhythm.

Search Functions for Ideal Rhythms Rhythm Search: With the Rhythm Search function, you can effortlessly search by name, beat, tempo, genre, or groove to quickly select the ideal rhythm for the style of music you are playing.

One Touch Program: One Touch Program screen

2 individual titles are named to each One Touch Program group. You can hold this “Group” screen until you touch Exit. New One Touch Program settings for new Music Styles

Powerful Playback and Rich Reverb: Two 25 cm full-range speakers in a speaker box faithfully deliver the resonant bass sounds that are essential to dynamic organ performance, while the high-quality reverb creates an incredible room-filling ambience. You’ll think you’re playing in a cathedral.

The Fine Organ Sounds of Top ATELIER Models: The AT-45 features many of the same great new authentic organ sounds as the top ATELIER models, including jazzy combo organ, gorgeous pipe organ, and theater organ sounds that will satisfy every organ lover. Of course, it also offers a wide collection of instrument, choir, and fun human voice sounds, such as jazz scat, to expand your performance possibilities.

Exceptional Piano Performance: The AT-45’s lower manual is an extended 64-note keyboard, and begins with the A note just like a piano. There is also a damper pedal for more acoustic piano-like performance. The lower manual has a Split function, too, so you can play two different instrument sounds at the same time.

Compatible with Any ATELIER Organ: With the built-in floppy disk drive, you can exchange data with other AT-Series models, so you can immediately use registrations and music files created on any ATELIER organ.

Large Color LCD Touch Screen: The AT-45 is the first organ in its class to feature a large, full-color LCD touch screen just like the top ATELIER models. Now even more realtime performance options are at your fingertips.

Other Features: New Factory Registration set (8 settings). American Flag as the default Main Background screen. “American Classic” ID badge

Onscreen Panel Settings and Registration: You can display current voice, reverb, and other panel settings onscreen, and adjust them easily at the touch of a finger. Settings can be saved with the eight registration buttons conveniently located between the upper and lower manuals. Just press a button to instantly change settings or voices.

Seeing is Enjoying: With the colorful LCD touch screen, the Composer and Track Mute functions are easier than ever to use. You can add your performances to commercially-available or downloaded SMF music files and save them, or mute a specific voice or part right on the screen, and play that part. The AT-45 also features Roland’s famous DigiScore®, which lets you display the notation of SMF music files or your own recorded songs onscreen. It’s loads of fun.

Helpful Quick Guide:The intuitive onscreen Quick Guide gives you fast operational guidance for all the AT-45’s formidable features and functions, so you can always enjoy the full potential of your ATELIER organ.